Buy a property and receive your NFT

In Ibiza, after the sale of the first NFT of tourist rental in 2021, the real estate agency continues to innovate with NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) technology, an absolute novelty in the field of #RealEstate

The NFT, uniquely associated with the #Blockchain, certifies ownership of the property.

We are the first real estate agency in the Balearic Islands to equip a property with an NFT (Non-Fugible-Tokens) digital certification at the time of purchase.

What does this mean? In the first place it is a guarantee of uniqueness and possession of the property, in practice having the NFT digital certificate strengthens the proof of the purchase or sale of the property.

The technology is based on the concept of blockchain, a digital and immutable secret register in which the main information of the property purchased or sold is reported. This technology underlines the innovative character of ensuring the passage of ownership over time and maintaining information on the main features of the property.